How to design a car by copying and pasting into car parking multiplayer

Have you ever seen your friends easily copy their favorite car design in car parking multiplayer? And you also want to know the method of copying and pasting car design in car parking multiplayer. An awesome feature that this game gives to its players is the car design. In it, you can copy and paste car designs from one car to another, or even the sides of a car. You can change the color and design of the car, and you can also add stickers to make it more attractive.

If you don’t know how to copy and paste a car design, in this blog, I will provide you with step-by-step guidelines for car parking multiplayer design copy paste easily.

Method for Car Parking Multiplayer Design Copy Paste

  • First, you have to choose a car for design.
  • Tap the car to add your desired vinyl.
  • You will see different stickers at the top, and you can pick any sticker that you want.
  • On the side of the screen, you see a ‘Layer’ button. Click on it to choose the sticker.
  • Copy that sticker by clicking on the copy button.
  • Move to the other car or other side and click on paste.
  • After some time, your design is on the other side of the car.

Now, enjoy your design and customization of the car.

Car customization features:

In car parking multiplayer, you have various options for your car design and customization. Players can create a unique car using the many options that are available in the game. We discussed here some customization features:

Custom paint: 

With this feature, you can paint your cars in different colours or designs. You can choose any different colour that gives your car a unique style. Whatever you want— a shiny or bright look– custom paint helps you make your car different from others.


This feature is used to give an exciting look to your car. Players can choose any sticker for their car design.


A decal is a decorative outdoor sticker to put on a car. It can be used to add all kinds of artwork, like racing stripes, logos, or other artwork for your cars.


Wheels in car parking multiplayer come in different styles, designs, or sizes that allow players to choose the wheel according to their needs. You can select different wheels to enhance the look of the car and also improve performance factors like grip and handling.

Interior customization:

Players can change the interior customization of the car, like the dashboard, seats, and steering, and you can also add your own audio system and lighting to make your car more updated.

Body customization: 

This is the best feature for customizing your car. You can totally change the body of your car, like bumpers, side skirts, etc. It can change the look and performance of your car.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

Yes, you can copy and paste designs on the PC because the latest 2024 feature is available for PC customization as well.

With the latest update of the copy-and-paste car design feature, you can copy the design of one car and paste it onto another.

To conclude this, car parking multiplayer design codes help you create unique designs for your cars. In it, you can try different stickers and designs for your car customization. So, if you’re looking for a game that is a mixture of creativity, strategy, and excitement, Car Parking Multiplayer is the perfect choice!