Car Parking Multiplayer Vs Parking Master Multiplayer 2024

Ever dream of showing off your parking skills and hanging out with friends online? Car parking multiplayer and parking master multiplayer are super fun racing games where you can do both!

But sometimes just parking cars again makes the game get a little boring! In this blog, we’ll show you how to make a game exciting by using all the different game modes.

Features Comparison

Car Parking Multiplayer and Parking Master Multiplayer

Here is a feature difference between Car Parking Multiplayer and Parking Master Multiplayer. It will make it easy for you to decide which game you want to play:

Amount of Cars / Variety of Cars:

Car parking multiplayer currently has 148 vehicles. There are 138 cars and 10 non-cars, like vans or trucks. There are a lot of different car types and different car ages, like the 70s, 80s, 90s, 00s, etc. So, you have the freedom to select the car that best matches your driving skills. Car parking multiplayer is like practicing with regular cars you see everyday like sedans and sports cars.

Parking Master Multiplayer has 111 vehicles. There are 109 cars, 2 non-cars like vans, and a lot of new modern or trendy cars. In Parking Master Multiplayer you can’t just drive regular cars but also trucks, loud fire tracks, and school buses. You can also drive off-road cars, like on mountains.  So, if you want to be good at parking regular cars, try Car Parking Multiplayer, but if you want to drive all types of vehicles, Parking Master Multiplayer is the best choice for you. 

Car Model Quality:

Car Parking Multiplayer has more consistent and precise car models. It has more arcade-style car physics. In Car Parking Multiplayer, cars are like shiny toys, and it is easy to understand what type of car it is. This game runs smoother on phones, tablets, or even older ones.

Parking Master Multiplayer has more details and more vibrant interiors. It has a more realistic variety of car physics. Also, cars are more stable to drive at higher speeds. In Parking Master Multiplayer, cars are like mini-models of real cars, and you can easily recognize car brands. This game runs a little slower, even on older phones or tablets. So, if you want a game that runs smoothly, car parking multiplayer is the best. But if you want super realistic cars, even if the game runs slowly, choose Parking Master Multiplayer.  


Economy in a game is when there is a good balance between playing the game and being able to buy the cars. In car parking multiplayer, we can get most cars with in-game currency. It may take a while. In car parking multiplayer, you get coins and other rewards by selling your cars.

In Parking Master Multiplayer you can get most cars with in-game currency. It might also take time. In Parking Master Multiplayer, you can get more green cash easily by watching ads. You can get this through chests ( bronze chest, silver chest, and golden chest), daily missions & rewards, and single-player mode.

So, car parking multiplayer is slightly better. You can sell your cars to your friends, and you can also buy cars individually. However, parking master multiplayer bundles are also good.


Both games have good maps. Both are open worlds. 

picture of car parking multiplayer open world map

Car parking multiplayer has more map variety overall. CPM has a bigger map as well. 

Parking Master Multiplayer has a nicer map visual.

car parking multiplayer user interface


In car parking multiplayer, cars and weather look like reals. Car parking multiplayer is like a nature show. Parking Master Multiplayer is all about fun visuals. Cars are bright, and places are colorful like playing a lively arcade game. However, not super real, but each track and car has its own style.

If you want a real-world feel and a detailed digital world, choose car parking multiplayer, but if you want a cartoon charm and a visually exciting parking adventure, parking master multiplayer is the best.

Features, gameplay, or customization:

Car parking multiplayer has a lot of gameplay features, like single-player mode, and multiplayer mode. Daily tasks, customization map details like fuel pumps, worn-out tires, washing cars. Engine swaps, body parts, changing drive trains (AWD, RWD, FWD), car sales and more. You can explore big maps and practice parking perfectly. You can paint your car a different color, and change the rims or wheels of your car.

Parking Master Multiplayer has quite a bit of features and gameplay like car trading, time trials, drift, parkour, engine tuning, added car parts, engine upgrades, and more. You can change the color of your car. You might do even more, like making your car faster and easier to handle.  So, if you just want a master in parking, choose car parking multiplayer, but if you want to race, explore, or do more than just park a car, parking master multiplayer is the best choice.

User interface:

In Car Parking Multiplayer, the user interface is very neat and nice. It feels light and clean.

Parking Master Multiplayer map
parking master multiplayer user interface

For Parking Master Multiplayer, the user interface is also neat, but its color is separated to make it easier to see.

Audio and sounds:

Both of these games have decent sounds. 

Car Parking Multiplayer has a quieter sound when you go into the interior view.

Parking Master Multiplayer has sounds like tires screeching, cars speeding up and stopping, and even crashes! They also have sounds like wind blowing and stuff around you.

Reviews of Car Parking Multiplayer and Parking Master Multiplayer

Car parking multiplayer is the most popular, with 100M+ downloads on the Google Play Store. It’s free and easily downloaded. Its rating score is 4.4/5.0. 

Parking Master Multiplayer is popular with 10M+ downloads, and people who like cool looks and no ads are likely to download it. Its rating score is 3.9/5.0.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

Car Parking Multiplayer is free to play, but sometimes ads in this game bother you. While Parking Master Multiplayer needs a one-time payment at the beginning, no ads are in the game.

Car parking multiplayer is most popular with 100M+ downloads on the Google Play Store and a total rating of 4.4/5.0.

In car parking multiplayer, real parking challenges are in the game. It also has races and parking competitions. While Parking Master Multiplayer is more exciting with races, tricky parking challenges, and cool drifts.

Car parking multiplayer is like a big open world with many kinds of challenges and many ways to customize your car, while parking master multiplayer 2024 is all about parking in super hard levels that will make you an expert in parking. Both games have cool things for every player to enjoy, so try both and see which game makes you the ultimate parking champion!