How to make Anime Design on your Car in Car Parking Multiplayer

Do you love anime style in parking games? Have you ever wanted your car in a Car Parking Multiplayer to look like your favorite characters? But making a cool anime design can be a little tough. 

This blog will help you! We’ll show you some tricks to make your car awesome, even if you’re new to designing. 

Steps to Create Anime Design in CPM

Follow these steps to create an anime design in Car Parking Multiplayer:

  • Choose Your Car:

Select a car with a good canvas for your design. Use Boxy cars like SUVs or sedans that offer more space.

  • Find your favorite Anime:

Pick your favorite anime character, logo, or scene. You can even find pictures online.

  •  Sketching it Out:

If you want, draw your design on paper first. This helps you figure out where everything goes. It’s optional, not necessary.

  •  Go to the Garage:

Open the Car Parking Multiplayer and find the Livery editor ( where you paint your car).

  • Decals and Shapes:
  1. Decals: These are your anime images. You can search for existing anime decals online or create custom ones using a photo editor like Photoshop. Upload them as decals in-game.
  2. Shapes: Use various shapes offered in the editor (lines, rectangles, etc.) to create backgrounds or additional design elements.
  3. Use multiple decal and shape layers to build complexity. Remember, you can adjust transparency for a layered effect.
  4. Use smaller decals or shapes for details like eyes, text, or anything else that makes your design awesome.
  • Color:

Match the colors of your decals and shapes to the anime theme. Experiment with different color combinations.

  • Put it All Together:
  • Pay attention to where you place decals and shapes. Try to make them follow the curves of your car so it looks smooth.
  • Once you completely design it, save it.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

Yes! Car Parking Multiplayer allows customization with decals and vinyls. You can use these to create anime designs on your car.

Difficulty depends on the complexity of your design. Simple shapes and characters are easier, while detailed designs require more patience and accuracy.

The more you practice, the better you’ll get at using the stickers and creating your design. Try new things and pick characters you like. There are tons of anime out there in car parking multiplayer to inspire you!